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The safest place for your precious metals!

Every investor who wants to protect himself from inflation should own physical gold. The easiest way to do this is by buying gold bars and coins.

However, everyone who buys gold has the same problem – where should I store it?

Storing gold at home is often not safe enough, and is not advisable in the face of increasing numbers of break-ins. Alternative storage (e.g. safe deposit boxes) is often expensive, complicated and frequently uninsured. Up until today, banks and investment administrators have only offered professional storage to their top customers. But now that’s over!

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Vaulted gold: Would you like to save up for a large fortune with small monthly amounts? Our vaulted gold savings plan offers that and much more!
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Here's how:

myGoldDepot – free to set up Set one up your free account and benefit from all the advantages today.
Make an order Order your products from the precious metals shop and add storage as delivery option. You will immediately receive an email invoice.
Payment Upon receiving the email invoice you will also receive our bank details. Please transfer the invoice amount stating the invoice number.
Storage and online tracking As soon as the funds are received, the metals are stored for you in the vaults belonging to Prosegur GmbH in Germany. You will immediately see the deposit in your account.
Storage fee myGoldDepot allows fully insured vault storage for your valuables in Germany. A transparent storage fee applies for all precious metals:
The storage fee per year:0,50% p.a. (including VAT) of the storage value
The fee is due per quarter, EUR 8,90 (including VAT)
the minimum fee for storage per quarter is:
And your gold depot is set up
myGoldDepot lets you do all this and much more.
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